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Year 2007
Staff 100
Language English
Business Dealer, Importers
Deals In Cars – Used SUV, Used MUV, Used Hatchback, Used Wagon, Used Sedan Cars, Used Cars, Used Coupe, Used Mini Vans, Used Long Vans, Used Vans, Used Jeeps, Used Pickups, Used Vehicles, Used Saloon
Parts – Engines Parts, Body Parts, Car Parts, Electric Parts, Truck Parts, Bus Parts
YAYA Cars is the Kenya based dealer in Japanese and European used automobiles and new spare parts. Established in 2007, YAYA Cars is one of Kenya’s fastest growing automobile importers of pre-owned and reconditioned vehicles today.

We only buy quality vehicles that undergo strict inspection to make sure they meet the highest standards. Japanese used cars are much sought after worldwide; because of the quality assurance that comes with them.
Using a unique grading system, all Japanese used-cars are awarded grades – ensuring that the customer fully knows the health of the Car he or she is buying. We can provide almost any kind of Japanese and European make vehicle that you are looking for: Sedans, wagons, Trucks, Sports cars, Commercial vehicles, etc.

We can provide you both right hand and left hand drive vehicles. Since its inception, YAYA Cars has delivered hundreds of vehicles to its customers. YAYA Cars offers its customers reliable, transparent, fast and efficient service. We welcome trade inquires from anywhere in African Continent. Ordering is extremely easy. You can order vehicles by going through our stocks and search pages or you can contact us through phone or fax. We offer you the best rates and we take the hassle out of ordering.

Nairobi Branch

Ngong road, Opp. Prestige Plaza

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Nairobi Branch

Argwing Kodhek road,
Opp. Yaya Centre

Tel : +254-20-272-9915

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Mombasa Branch

Tangana road, Opp. Railways

Tel : +254-41-231-9519

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